About Ekta's Cuisine

Ekta's food started gaining popularity straight out of the home kitchen starting early 2015. From guests to best friends, to friends' friends, it wasn't long until the story spread. As more and more people started requesting her to make sweets, snacks and entire meals favors soon turned into catering, and what started out as a precious hobby soon became a full-fledged business. Yet to witness it? Place your first order, and be a part of Ekta's story.

Somewhere along her path, Ekta's found that three things about her in particular caused for great appreciation among those who witnessed it. These are Ekta's three pillars!


There is no stepping in the kitchen for Ekta's unless and until each and every one of your wishes has been fully understood!


From topnotch ingredients to homely recipes, including granny's best; Ekta's leaves no stone unturned in providing the very best!

Support & Service

Wish for the food to be served? And wish for it to be done with the same love it was prepared with? Ekta's has got it all!

What’s on the Menu

Ekta’s is known to deliver on request, whatever the request may be. Have something in mind? Let us know, and we’ll walk through the possibilities! Have no idea of what you would like yet? We have assembled a menu to help inspire based on what’s ordered most often! Check out our take away menu and our party catering menu below!
Ekta’s Take Away Menu
Ekta’s Party Catering Menu

The team behind Ekta's

All this wouldn't have been possible without. Meet the team behind all that delicious authentic Indian food at your favorite events. It's all here!
Ekta Chellaney

Ekta Chellaney

Head of Food

The founder, after which Ekta's is named. Many of you already know her. For those who don't, you likely will.

Santosh Chellaney

Santosh Chellaney

Head of business

Responsible for those things you don't see! Ever wondered what allowed Ekta to focus on what she does best? Yeps, that's this guy!

From the people we serve

Ekta's has served many times, and many of the people we've served have something to say! Here are some of those messages!
Vyjayanthi Iyer

Vyjayanthi Iyer

Board Member at Bridging the Gap Foundation

"Ekta, thanks for the delicious food that I ordered for the Diwali party last weekend. Gajar ka halwa was mouth watering, veg. lollipops & butter chicken were yummy. Everyone loved it! You are great and innovative when it comes to keeping the menu different every time. Will keep recommending you to my friends & colleagues to make their souls happy!"

Tulika Raizada

Tulika Raizada

Classroom Assistant at AICS

"Excellent and mouth watering mithais!! Brought back the memories of Lucknow... loved it! Thank you Ekta! Hats off to your cooking!!"

Chetna Sahni Sehgal

Chetna Sahni Sehgal

Founder at GLOBAL RAGAS — School of Music

"A terrific cook I must say! I still can't get away the taste of the dahi wadas and of course the yummy srikhand! Wishing you lots of success! Much love ..."

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Not sure of what you want? Want delicious, but not sure of what that is? Talk to us. We would love to.

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